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25 Jobs in Atlanta Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Specialized Transportation Services CDL-a se Reg Truck Driver - 100% No Touch Freight + Home Weekly! Atlanta
American Mobile Healthcare Travel Nurse RN - ICU - Intensive Care Unit - $1,414 per week Atlanta
Ondot Systems, Inc. Senior Android Engineer Atlanta
Suit CDL A OTR Drivers CREATE Their Own HOME Time at Suit!! Atlanta
Yogurtland Part-time Store Associate - Brookhaven- Atlanta, GA North Atlanta
Mecklenburg EMS Agency - Medic Mecklenburg EMS Agency - Medic: Paramedic Atlanta
Allstate Allstate: Field large loss contents property adjuster Atlanta
Privia Medical Group - Atlanta, GA - Privia Medical Group Privia Medical Group - Atlanta, GA - Privia Medical Group: Audiologist - atlanta suburb (duluth) Atlanta
Trustaff Travel Nursing Travel MS RN job in Atlanta, GA Atlanta
Centra Healthcare Solutions Centra Healthcare Solutions: Speech language pathologist (slp) - SNF 13 week contract Atlanta
Allstate Allstate: Experienced field property adjuster Atlanta
Sound Physicians - Atlanta, GA - Sound Physicians Sound Physicians - Atlanta, GA - Sound Physicians: Co-Chief hospitalist Atlanta
Adex Medical Staffing Adex Medical Staffing: Travel nurse - cvicu rn - cardiovascular icu nurse Atlanta
Avery Poe Endocrinology Needed In Metro Atlanta Atlanta
Piedmont Healthcare Neuro-Hospitalist Opportuntiy Metro-Atlanta
Apar Technologies SAP UI5/Fiori Atlanta And Austin Tx
Information Builders Area Vice President Professional Services Atlanta Ga
Plato Consulting Scrum master with pega experience Atlanta Or Pittsburg
Maverick FX Remote Forex Trader Job in Atlanta, GA Part Time Atlanta
Northside Hospital RN, Spine and Pain Management Atlanta
Skylark Senior Care Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)/Driver Atlanta
Zoes Kitchen Host/Hostess/Cashier Atlanta
Emory University Radiologist - Division of Emergency and Trauma Imaging Atlanta
Georgia Institute of Technology Accountant II Atlanta
Cella Project Specialist Atlanta
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in atlanta. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Autistic "Super Powers"? I think my "super strength" comes from Austim, as well as all other mental and physical gifts I have, and find being autistic/asperger a true gift. This is not a joke, have a video to show it's true.

Hi all, I found I am Asperger some weeks ago, explain that at the end, and want to find other cases like me, or opinions about these gifts and Asperger.

But, does any of you see Asperger Syndrome as a wonderful think like I do? I always loved to be who I am, and now I found that probably all the "gifts" I have come from Asperger Syndrome.

One of them, I really want to know if it's related to Asperger, is "super strength", and would like to know if any of you aspies like me have also an abnormal physical strength.
Here you'll see what I am physically capable of, without any training at the time, 5'11'' tall by 140lb bodyweight (body mass index of 19/20):

I found this when watching Stan Lee Superhumans, I decided to imitate and noticed I could do those things, roll frying pans, bend horseshoes, etc.

Other physical characteristics:
- No Cold - I don't feel cold in my country, have tried to be some hours at the snow (below 0ºC or below 30 Farenheit), use just a tshirt the entire year even near 0ºC and below heavy rain and with fog, and dropping water from my clothes, I can feel the weather is colder, but doesn't affect me or give me pain, or something (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this can relate to pain tolerance as an autistic characteristic);
- Never Get Sick - Even being at the rain, with 0ºC I never get a cold, etc;
- Pain Tolerance - Have bent (have it in video) a St. Croix 2 horseshoe barehanded the first time I've tried it, heart and paperclip shape (think it's an autistic trait sometimes also);
- Hyper sensitivity to light (but see very well at dark and love to be like this);
- Hyper sensitivity to sounds (hear very well, but seem deaf while in shoppings because of the noise);
- Can be the entire day without eating or drinking and even carrying heavy weights at night without getting weak;
- Etc;

Psycologically (sorry about my English) it was always great:
- I'm a self-taught polymath, learn everything very fast, start computer programming as a child, created softwares, freewares, developing now a C++ 2D game engine, developed mechanical trading systems, one of them gave 19,000% profit in Forex in 3 years, created new statistical and math formulas, wrote ebooks teaching how to invest, in my country, created successful websites, and teams to manage them, etc;
- Done lots of jobs, system administrator and software developer both in the biggest IT companies in my country, done also as electronics, trading, banking, consulting, etc (liked to try new things), but only did 12 years on school didn't want to go to universities;
- Can do the tests neuro-typical(or all?) people say that it's not possible to do, even wrote 2 different sentences, in 2 keyboards, on hand per keyboard, at the same time, while looking at a person talking to her at the same time (3 different things);
- My motor skills are (in my point of view) perfect for me, even done skateboarding tricks that only Rodney Mullen from US would be able to do at that time, like "shove-it 180 to late underkick-flip 360", etc;
- Tried arts, on my first day with a synthesizer, created several musics without ever having learned how to play, it's like I was already born knowing how to play. Example of first tries:
Or slow ones:
On the first two weeks created several and then stopped.
- For one month I painted in soft pastels and also drawn in carbon, and made photo realitic drawings of people's faces, did some cool paintings also. I've read Music is like Mathematics, but paintings?
- Studied several areas, and keep thinking some geniuses were sometimes dumb, like Einstein is a genius and I have the upmost respect for him, but in my point of view we can never reach a TEO with Time because Time doesn't exist, it's an abstract concept we use objectively, Space isn't mixed with Time, I think several things Hawking said are plain stupid, I don't agree with super string theory, M theory, etc, and I could be the one wrong anyway, but I always strangely never considered these geniuses's theories like, bullet-proof theories, while everybody does. Like I probably have too much self-confidence. But Time doesn't exist anyway lol.
- Memory - Remember the most incredible things from my past like if it were videos, from 40 years ago, including sounds, smells, etc.
- Ageing - People say I look a lot younger, I'm 40-43 at the videos (is this a trait?).

Well, I don't know how to explain, but whatever I try to do I always was able to learn quickly and do well or it seemed (like in arts) that I was already born knowing, not sure how. So I always thought it was born with me, in my genes but didn't know how.

Some weeks ago I found some hidden papers from my mother, from 1977-1981 when I was 2 to 6 years old, saying I was autistic, I didn't talk, I had pendular motions, etc. I was amazed, it was my name that was there, because I felt always the smarted guy in my schools, although I never studied and had an average of only 14/20, because I didn't care, but to see that, saying I couldn't speak well, didn't want to speak, etc, was strange to me.

At that time, in my country, a child was considered mentally retarded when autistic, or else, a normal child. So my mother refused to accept I was autistic and put me into school and my doctor approved because he believed I could adapt. And I didn't. I've done some asperger tests some weeks ago, and noticed I was asperger, and had a friend psychiatric doctor confirm it to me. From 32 to 40 on the regular tests, still exibit 9 to 11 of the 14 autistic traits that are in some papers, etc.

But nobody ever noticed that in my, I don't have anything visible, just being called eccentric, sometimes being caught with 2 hands in the air imagining stuff (like in the movie Aviator), used the same equal clothes everyday (black), ate the same food 5 years everyday (because I don't like to cook haha vegan raw food was quicker), used just the same spoon and fork and knife to eat, walk in mathematical patterns in the street (fibonacci, etc), notice car plates all the time, like to be alone, don't like people to touch me, love to see water flowing, am always spinning pens in my hand, very distracted (I thought I just had ADHD because I give positive on those tests), but it was strange how I could program 10 hours in a row without stopping, like a machine, very quickly, etc, etc (people call it being in "the zone" in computer programming).

I mean, I knew I was different but didn't know why. When I found I was asperger, everything made sense, even why I sometimes didn't understand why people are so sensitive to some stupid words and sentences and consider me insensitive sometimes or rude. But I like being like this, don't want to change, I'm not rude, but I'm now a very sensitive guy to human things anyway, just to animals (I'm an ethical vegan).

My friend told me that my mind compensated (I don't know my IQ I just know it's a lot higher than the limit they had at the tests they gave me at the time, I've done everything well and well before time and never wanted to know, I feel it's irrelevant), and it made me have no bad traits.

I even eliminated the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I had, nowadays I just walk in patterns but I like it, it's like a game. He says I just have nowadays what I can't remove, what my mind can't correct, which is the distraction, the not understanding why people is so sensitive to some things, not having the will to be with friends often, etc. Some years ago (3/4) I read that not looking people on the eyes was a weak trait (on job interviews) so I practiced it and now can be 1 minute or more looking someone in the eyes, don't like it but got used to it. And over-think things, get obsessed to find answers, routines, using equal clothes, etc. But all cool things, nothing that I consider bad.

But I can make friends, I can talk in the stage in front of 1000 persons, I've gone to the tv, I can make conversation with strangers and be friends, I can always guess who have the fake smiles on photo tests, I can recognize emotions (although sometimes when distracted or furious I forget that and even had 2 persons crying with things I said, unintentionally). My friend said my mind probably compensated that and I learned how to identify emotions and fake smiles, etc, artificially, and now I don't know it's artificially because I didn't try to learn intentionally. So probably I learned that throughout life.

So basically, it's like I just had left the cool things, that don't affect my life much. And I consider them like "super powers", I know this seems stupid, but that's how I feel, and love to have these traits. I say "don't affect my life much" because one girlfriend in 2009 stopped walking when talking to me, and when I noticed and turned back she was like 15 meters from me furious that I didn't listen to her.

Anyway, I see Asperger as the source of all these gifts I have, physically and mentally. I even think that above peak human performance strength can be also a rare trait from autism. Da Vinci had it, not only me! Because people said I looked like da vinci for being a polymath but I said "No, I can bend steel bars with my hands!" but then I found Da Vinci had an abnormal strength, was asperger, and could bend horseshoes with his hands also!

So I even created a video in English (terribly spoken though):
To try to convince other oldtime strongmen to do the asperger tests, because if I found more than 1% of aspergers in steel benders/oldtime strongmen, like 10%, 20%, I could statistically prove something. And I bet several of them are as I now recognize their behaviours as typical aspergers. But they don't want to answer it, maybe they are afraid of admiting or knowing, some seems to be for other reasons (believing other things).

So, does any of you have an abnormal strength also? Is there any study that related strength and aspergers? And do any of you think of asperger syndrome / austism like a source of "super powers"? I would like to have your opinions on this.

Sorry for my terrible English I've written this in a few minutes, and I'm Portuguese.

But I really want to find out if are there other cases like me, that moved from a (severe?) autistic child (or maybe just autistic? not even know as I don't have more papers from that time, just found 2), to a kind of "borderline" aspie like me. I'm not sure if I can be considered "borderline" because I have 9 or 11 from the 14 general autistic traits, rate 32-40 on the regular basic tests, and others also high. Although on the empathy tests I have usually 20 or higher, not below (above 30 seems to be the typical).

But as I love to be who I am and can do whatever I want, make friends (just don't like to be with them all the time or feel the need to), etc, I consider myself a "borderline" aspie, I was a much more severe case in my childhood, took 2 years in the primary school just to adapt my teacher was great, never went to special schools.

I consider myself a borderline aspie (ignoring test results) because I don't have "clumsiness", read people's faces, predict human behaviour well, can manipulate people, read fake smiles, use and abuse of sarcasm and irony (although I think some stuff people think it's funny is not funny at all anyway), etc. Am I a "borderline" aspie for this, or with all my traits a regular aspie but learned to appear "borderline"?

Anyway I would like to know if there are cases here like me, and that think being asperger is a gift (or source of gifts), and specially if are there very strong aspergers, I need to prove to myself that there is a link between autism and "super strength".

Can anyone tell me something about the Da Vinci - Asperger - Super Strength connection? Am I being crazy?

Are there kinesiologists, or psychiatric doctors focused on Aspergers that could study this? I would gladly allow some studies like D.R. has done in Stan Lee Superhumans, if this could help us learn more about Autism.

Thanks! Sorry for writting too much, I can't write few words. And thank your help in advance.
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I submitted a profile to, is this over the top?

I will copy and paste the profile, I think it may be too long, but nothing is fabricated. My resume is basically a condensed version of it. Here we go:


I am a very passionate developer that is looking to further increase my knowledge and experience a new and challenging domain. I have many interests, almost too many for the time I have available, and they are all focused on learning. I am very into self-improvement and physical fitness, however, recently my fitness has taken a back seat temporarily for my career. I am very into the fitness culture so please do not be frightened by me, I do not bite... hard ;-).
I went into my job with no experience or knowledge of C# or .NET and have come out knowing quite a lot more than some experienced C# developers on the language and framework. In addition to that, I have become very aware of the value of good designs and many more technological tools to aid in speeding up my development process. I am not inferring that knowledge replaces experience, but it is invaluable in any career. I have a lot of "what" questions easily answered, but job experience helps answer "why" questions. My thirst for knowledge has led me to many questions and answers that I have not considered before in my applications. I strive for maintainability, readability, scalability, and well documented code in all my applications. My view is that if I were to have my project inherited by another developer, he should have zero problem with understanding my code, design, project status, and the projects requirements without any assistance from me, although I'd be delighted to give it to him.
I have a lot of very innovative ideas, pretty much too many to keep track of, but it is what drives me day in and day out. I love to talk to intelligent and humorous people and get along with any group. I am confident in my skills, and skills to come, and am looking for an opportunity that will let me flourish.


I currently work for a company that develops software for public safety for small and middle sized agencies. The products the company provide the standard software to manage the everyday operations for an agency. Each agency may require customizations and we have to provide and account for them. One of the company's products is the CAD system that aids in processing 911 calls and dispatching units. I've been working there for 10 months now and made significant contributions.


I am going to go ahead and copy & paste something that someone else on this site said. Someone who was a winner. Not because I am lazy, but because he worded it perfectly and it is exactly how I feel..... almost I made a couple changes to reflex me exactly.
""I am looking for the next place I can make a significant contribution. I especially would like to tackle larger problems, of scaling up to a million users and the like. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is learn. Thus, I am a quick learner and I'm able to rapidly get up to speed in a new environment. I have a special place in my heart for software design and new technologies, and would love to work on problems utilizing these aspects. I'm a down-to-earth dude who is passionate about technology, loves a good technical (or fitness-based) conversation, and I'm anxious to work with others like me."
^ That. That is me. I'm pretty sure me and that guy are twins. And you know what? I also want to know what can I do for you. At the end of the day I am proud of what I accomplish at work and look forward to the challenges of tomorrow. I want to make a difference in your company, I want to be an invaluable asset to your company. I want to be the guy that you chat with at the water-cooler and think to yourself, "Damn, I wish this guy had a twin so I could hire him too!". And I'm the type of person who gets what he wants, through persistence and perseverance, because I have a hard time giving up on anything, or anyone, I care about.


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С чего начать на Forex. Для новичков. Neuro Forex Сигналы. NeuroShell Forex System best indicator free download - YouTube Neuro Forex NEW  Полное видео-обучение по работе с сигналами NeuroWave Scalper PRO Forex Trading Strategy  MetaTrader Indicator Владислав Гилка neuro forex evolution - YouTube Каким лотом торговать Сигналы Neuro Forex Как открывать сделки по сигналам Neuro Forex? Neuro Forex Evolution - Официальный Релиз Best Neural EA for Forex Бот Neuro Forex Evolution - Что внутри?

Neuro Forex Strength Trend Predictor Trading System. Neuro Forex Strength Trend Predictor Trading System is a trend following trading system filterd by QQE new histo alerts indicator.The purpose of this method is to filter the most number of false signals to increase the profitability of the Trading System. Our traders choose to trade Forex, as FX-market is the best market to trade. This shows that FX-market is one of the safest markets to trade online. Software advancements make our lives easier and same is the true with the online Computer program Robotic Trading. Our Features. Our company NeuroFX, Based Robotic Program Trading which is operated by highly professional traders with years of ... The NeuroShell Buy/Sell Forex scalper informs you which currency pairs to focus on and shows precisely where to open and close your trades. The system is composed of the Pair Analyzer Scanner and the NeuroShell buy/sell indicator. No more endless analyses, unclear rules, guessing or counting on a stroke of luck! Signals produced by the system are very easy to read, completely non-discretionary ... Forex indicator alert app – Neuro Forex Strength Trend Predictor Trading System . 200 Pips pro Stunde Tageslicht von diesem besten Forex-System Grüße, Händler, was spielst du heute? Ich hoffe, Sie alle sind immer am Ende Ihrer Gesundheit und erzielen weiterhin konsequent Forex-Gewinne. Here you see the Forex Neuro Trader MACD with a prediction possibility of one to five bar in advance! It's a neural network or artificial intelligence indicator! At the indicator window you see the original MACD in green, and in red and blue you see the NEURO MACD. It is able to be faster for one and up to five bars! How does this work? We use a lot of data to make Is it always right? No, it's ... Neuro Forex Scalping Strategy For MT4. The Neuro Forex Scalping Strategy For MT4 is a favorite scalping method for many professional traders. Not only the system is very easy but it has also a very accurate reading. By trading the major pairs in minute 30, you can expect to win more than 85% of the time. Neuro Forex Scalping Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator(s) and template. The essence of this forex strategy is to transform the accumulated history data and trading signals. Neuro Forex Scalping Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. Based on this information, traders can ...

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С чего начать на Forex. Для новичков. Neuro Forex Сигналы.

Подробнее о новой моделе торговли на Финансовых рынках Neuro Forex Evolution → ===== Бот Neuro Forex Evolu... Neuro Forex NEW Полное видео-обучение по работе с сигналами - Duration: 17:07. Владислав Гилка 15,081 views 17:07 Neuro Forex NEW Полное видео-обучение по работе с сигналами - Duration: 17:07. Владислав Гилка 15,543 views 17:07 Как зарабатывать с НОВЫМИ сигналами Neuro Forex Тайм-код по минутам: 🔸 00:01 - Как и где открыть торговый счет 🔸 01 ... Profitable Forex Trend Finder Indicator for Entry and Exit. Best Scalping Strategies for Trading. - Duration: 19:57. AsirFx 3sixty 55,021 views. 19:57. Совершенная модель извлечения прибыли на рынке Forex Neuro Forex Evolution → 👇👇👇 ===== Бот Neuro Forex Evo... Neuro Forex NEW Полное видео-обучение по работе с сигналами - Duration: 17:07. Владислав Гилка 16,367 views 17:07 Best broker whit low spread. Broker: Broker: Broker:with 50% bonus: Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for Forex Trading) - Duration: 32:00. No Nonsense Forex 1,759,080 views. 32:00. How To Tell When A Market Is Tradable - Duration: 9:26. ... Владислав Гилка neuro forex evolution vip-канал